Dr. Garcia is a doctor of medical dentistry. She is on staff at St. Alexius Medical Center in Illinois and Methodist Hospitals in Indiana. She graduated from the University of Nova Friburgo Dental School in 1985 and did her residency at Sesi Hospital in Rio de Janeiro. She graduated from the Boston University Advanced Dental Program in 1991. Dr. Garcia is also trained in cranial osteopathy and works with an osteopathic physician and a nutritionist to help guide her patients toward optimal dental and overall health.

For over 30 years, Dr. Garcia has been dedicated to the research and teaching of alternative solutions for conventional dentistry.

Introducing Dr. Garcia's new book:
Cleaner Teeth, Longer Life

What Mainstream Medicine Doesn't Know or Won't Tell You

Dr. Garcia is very excited to announce her new book that illustrates the relationship between dental care and overall health.

Learn more about the book

NOW LIVE: Dr. Garcia's TOOTH Summit Interview

Be sure to listen to Dr. Garcia’s interview for an online forum called the Tooth Summit, which pulled together a number of practitioners and their insights on oral health. It is free to listen to all of the interviews, and they will be posting a new one every day. Dr. Garcia's interview can be found here: http://www.wishsummit.com/toothsummit/dr-lina-garcia

Interview with Dr. Garcia & Dr. Mercola
Webisode 101: An Introduction with Dr. Lina Garcia - Dr. Garcia's new web series will provide helpful information to patients seeking an alternative approach to their dental health care, along with tips to living a more holistic lifestyle.
Drugs and Your Oral Health
Dr. Lina Garcia, D.D.S.,D.M.D. This article first appeared on mercola.com on June 23, 2004. Medications have side effects that can affect your oral health. Side effects that may cause...

What is Osteopathy and How Could it Benefit You?
Dr. Joseph Grasso, D.O., S.C.

Osteopathy was founded by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, MD in 1874.  Dr. Still was a both a physician and a minister.  He treated his patient using wh...

Electric Currents in Your Mouth: Oral Galvanism What do car batteries and metal fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns have in common? They all produce electrical currents.

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Dr. Garcia featured in Oprah's O Magazine!

Dr. Garcia's Tooth Summit Interview (December 2012)
Dr. Garcia shares a myriad of "tooth-truth information" and the hidden dangers of modern dental practices.


Dr. Grasso's One Radio Network Interview (January 2012)
Dr. Grasso defines traditional osteopathic medicine.
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